Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rally Rally Time!

One two-out rally is impressive - but two? Unbelievable. The A's were down by three to the Tigers last night, and the fourth inning could have been the final frame. The plucky girls in green pushed four runs across the plate, two with an end to the inning staring them full in the face. After the Tigers manged to drive in two ladies in the top of the fifth, the mighty A's loaded the bases. Again, with two outs, one strike on the clicker, ominous storm clouds looming above (can you sense the drama), a solid single brought home the tying run and sending both teams home with a smile. Ahh, softball - the game of games.

Monday, July 12, 2010

The A's Return ... with a Vengeance!

After a couple of tough games and a long delay due to the 4th and a downpour, the Amazing A's returned to form with a great game against the Cubs. The bats were hot, the pitching was hotter, and the fielding was on fire! Let's hope that the success continues as the season closes. We are still finding out about the rainout game - we will keep everyone posted. See you Wednesday!